The Classi Story


Classi Beginnings

Musicians start their training in childhood. As for me, I started climbing up on the bench at age three, but my parents waited until I was seven to begin actual lessons. I LOVED it! By fifth grade, age eleven, I played my first wedding. My Mom bought me a sparkle dress and I got to wear sparkle stockings. Oh man, it was AWESOME! And my Daddy was the singer.

Classi Evolution

From childhood, throughout youth, and on into college and/or professional studies, the category of what we call classically trained freelance musicians develops through hours and hours of training and diligent practice. It takes years. It takes dedication and discipline. It is costly. Many begin the journey, and for the select few who make the decision to stay on the path, it becomes evident that this is a lifestyle - a musical lifestyle - a musical calling. It is not for everyone. But for those of us who choose to heed the call, we become dedicated to the craft and to the realm of music. We play music of today, music of yesterday, music from 100 years ago, 200 years ago, even more than 300 years ago. And it is glorious! 

Classi Now

In today's world with today's society, technology, and the trends of the youth, it is becoming more and more difficult for the classically trained freelance musician to make a living playing live music. I have found that one institution - the good old-fashioned institution of marriage, and specifically the wedding ceremony - is a wonderfully inspiring channel for the musician's creative expertise. Your wedding celebration, specifically your walk down the aisle, is a euphoric moment in your life. For those of us who have the privilege of playing your walk, we are in the elevated state of making music, which is also euphoric. Our combined vibrations are awesome, and your guests are filled with glee as they feel the excitement. There's nothing like it!

We want to put live music in your wedding. Give me a call; lets do this thing!

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